Open-access Statement

The editorial board of our edition supports the Budapest Open Access Initiative which is aimed to free and charge free dissemination of scientific knowledge which contributes to the accelerated development of science.

According to this Initiative, by “open access” we mean open access for all publications on the Internet which can be read, downloaded, copied, distributed, printed, found or attached to full articles, used to compile pointers, to enter them as data in software or use it for other lawful purposes in the absence of financial, legal and technical impediments, except those governing access to the Internet itself. The only restriction on the reproduction and distribution of publications and the sole condition of copyright in this area should be the author's right to control the integrity of his work and the mandatory references to his name when using the work and citing it.

The policy of the journal is to provide scholars with a platform to cover their views and research findings. Thus, in support of the above Initiative, we are a journal of open access and open archives on various fields of law, so this professional edition is accessible to readers on the Internet for free