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Author Guidelines

To publish an article in the journal, send an e-mail to

  • author’s reference
  • the manuscript;
  • for those, who doesn`t have a scientific degree - a scanned review of a scientific supervisor or a review of a person, who has a scientific degree within a specialty, corresponding to the subject of learning (signature of the reviewer must be attested in the department of personnel of the institution or verified by the seal of the faculty (institute);
  • author's abstract of the article in English (the author's abstract of the article should contain: surname and initials of the author; title or position; place of work or study; title of the article; brief content of the article with a minimum of 1500 words).


Samples of files: Voronova_Article, Voronova _Resume, Voronova_Bill, etc. Copies of the scientific journal "Social Law" will be sent by registered letters to the postal addresses, indicated in the information certificates.



  1. The volume of the article - from 8 up to 12 pages, including illustrations, tables, graphs, the list of references.

- upper and lower margins, left and right - 2.0 cm;

- line spacing - 1.5;

- Times New Roman font - 14;

- paragraph indentation - 1 cm (paragraph indentation is not allowed with the Tab key and space characters);

- the text is aligned in width.


  1. References should be made in square brackets, indicating the page numbers according to the source. For example: [3, p. 234] or [2, p. 35; 8, p. 234].


  1. References should be given at the end of the article in order they are combined in accordance with the existing standards of bibliographic description (see: standard "Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description" (NSSU 7.1: 2006).



  1. General requirements:

The body of the article should include the following:

- statement of the problem in general form and its relation to important scientific or practical tasks;

- the analysis of the latest research and publications which helped the author to solve the problem;


- highlighting the unresolved parts of the general problem the article has been devoted to

- formulation of the goals of the article (formulation of the task);

- presentation of the main research material with full justification of the scientific results;

- conclusions from this study and prospects for further development in this area.


  1. Drawings and tables should be submitted in the article immediately after the text, where they were first mentioned, or on the next page.


  1. The article should contain the title of the article, annotations and keywords in Ukrainian, Russian and English; annotation volume should be at least 3 sentences, keywords should be at least 5 words.


Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English.


The article should have the following structural elements:


  • the USC index (in the upper left corner of the page);
  • thematic section of the journal;
  • surname and initials of the author (s) (max. 3 authors), scientific degree, academic title, position and place of work (study) and title of the article;
  • the text of the article;
  • references;
  • annotations and keywords in three languages (Ukrainian, Russian, English).


Thematic sections of the journal:

  1. Theory and history of state and law; history of political and legal scholars;
  2. Constitutional law; municipal law;
  3. Civil law and civil procedure; family law; international private law;
  4. Commercial law, commercial procedural law;
  5. Labour law; social maintenance law;
  6. Land law; agrarian law; environmental law; natural resource law;
  7. Administrative law and process; finance law; information law;
  8. Criminal law and criminology; criminal enforcement law;
  9. Criminal proceedings and forensics; forensic examination; operative-search activity;
  10. Judiciary; prosecution and advocacy;
  11. International law;
  12. Philosophy of law.


Files must be signed in Ukrainian, according to the author's surname and contain the word "Article" in the second part of the name or "Receipt", respectively (for example, Ivchenko_Article, Ivchenko_Bill).

The publication fee is 750 UAH (up to 12 pages inclusive). If the volume of the article exceeds 12 pages, it is necessary to pay 50 UAH in addition for each extra page.

Articles are subjected to internal anonymous peer review and plagiarism testing. Requisites for payment are sent to the authors together with confirmation of the accordance of the article to publication requirements within a week.

You can find the requirements for scientific articles, conditions and procedure for their adoption in the information booklet and on the official journal site.

We will be glad to help you with publication of your scientific articles!

Privacy Statement

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